Music Review: A Beast for the Senses

BEAST REST FORTH MOUTH by Bear in Heaven (Hometapes)

| January-February 2011

  • Beast Rest Forth Mouth

  • Beast Rest Forth Mouth

A ribcage-rattling hum, a head-enveloping buzz, a bracing beat: These are the main elements in Bear in Heaven’s exquisitely constructed music, which is as much a physical as an auditory experience. Louder volumes reward listeners of the band’s songs, which dance along an edge between prog rock, krautrock, synth pop, and psychedelic music.  In keeping with the heavily processed aesthetic, the album features a second CD with audacious remixes by simpatico artists.

jan-feb-2011-cover-thumbnailThis article first appeared in the January-February 2011 issue of Utne Reader.

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