Late August Phone Call

It’s the question most parents dread: Can we crash at your place for a while?

| July-August 2010

  • Late August Phone Call image

  • Late August Phone Call image

Late August phone call from my daughter, Meredith: “Mom, Dad, is it OK if Mike moves in for a couple weeks? Three weeks—tops.”

“What’s the deal?” Mike is her boyfriend.

“He’s coming back from New York to start grad school. He’ll be hearing about a teaching job at the same time; we want to see where he’s teaching before we get our place.”

“We guess,” we say. “Mike can use your brother’s room.”

Mike moves in, and the room evolves into a booby trap of his queen-size bed and tangled wires from his keyboard, TV, and computer. His coffee tables and leather chairs mingle with our daughter’s bookcases and exercise gear from her recent move home, converting our master bedroom into a storage locker.

We reluctantly share the family-room sofa with them and wear robes and coveralls around our house.