Entertaining in the Recession

Who needs to know those gougères are stuffed with Spam?

| July-August 2009

  • Recession Entertaining

    image by Jason Raish

  • Recession Entertaining

One little pending global economic disaster, and the whole world goes into a tizzy.

You would think we could make this economic sinkhole a fun adventure kind of thing. I like to think of it as a lot like camping. You know, while you’re sitting on the bare ground, under the stars, with nature all around, you silently assure yourself it’ll all be over soon and you’ll get back to things like soft beds and hot showers, where humankind belongs.

Those bodacious dinners at Tony’s you once hosted are a thing of the past, sure—right there with the due date on the American Express card. It’s at this point that one must bow the head and humbly confess.

No, not that you’re broke. Confess that it is too ostentatious to do those dinners, seeing as how so many others are down and out. Entertaining should be done at home. And, with a little American ingenuity, you conveniently save a bundle, too.

Yes, it’s American ingenuity that gave the greatest gift to entertaining on a budget: America invented fake food. Where else but in this grand land of ours can we have whipped cream fabricated in a chemistry lab, all-vegetable hamburger meat, and unidentifiable pork parts made into ham loaf?

A faux feast on a budget is really rather simple, but it takes some advance planning.