Excerpts from Prisoner Zines

| March-April 2010 Online Exclusive

In the March-April issue of Utne ReaderI took a brief tour of prisoner zines, which feature the writings of men and women behind bars. Lee Savage, one of the formerly incarcerated writers I spoke to, has graciously agreed to make her work available online, including writings from  Tenacious and from zines published by Anthony Rayson’s South Chicago ABC Zine Distro .

Jump to:

Only the Strong Resist ,” Savage’s feature-length report from the Closed Management Unit at Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institution (Tenacious)

Savage’s suggestions for ways in which people on the outside can support female prisoners (Tenacious)

A tale of a small but significant victory over a mind-game-playing guard (Tenacious)

Dear Lowell CM Unit ,” a farewell letter to solitary confinement penned just before her release (Tenacious)

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