TripleQuick fiction

Allow me this personal aside: I blame featherproof books. Until today, I was impervious to iPhone envy. No more.

This September, featherproof is releasing its first iPhone app: TripleQuick fiction. Almost too cute/cool to bear, TripleQuick will allow users to download super-short stories (exactly 333 words, or three iPhone screens) to their mobiles. The Chicago-based publisher, which already offers free, downloadable mini-books from an impressive array of hip writers, reports that it has a bunch of fun writers lined up for the launch.

Here’s the most forward-thinking part: TripleQuick is a two-way street. “Those with the writerly inclination can just type in three screens of their best work, type in a bio, even take an author photo using the iPhone’s camera, and submit the story to the featherproof editors,” copublisher Zach Dodson writes.

“So, what more could you want? Oh yeah, an iPhone. Well now you have the best excuse yet: great literature compressed for the digital age.”

Yeah, I’d tend to agree.

9/29/2009 5:28:16 AM

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