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Living among “locals” comes at a cost

| May-June 2009

  • Foreigners Beep

    image by Jann Lipka / Getty Images

  • Foreigners Beep

I was in Stockholm recently, and in the three days I spent in this city, my presence set off the city’s alarms without fail. The alarm systems of stores, that is. Every single time I went into a store, the alarm would go off. And every time I left, the same thing, beeeeep.

“You probably purchased something at another store and they forgot to remove the magnet,” said the courteous saleswoman.

“I haven’t bought anything . . .”

“Then maybe you have an iPod?”

“No, I haven’t got an iPod!”

“A cell phone, perhaps?”

Chelsey Perkins_2
5/12/2009 6:44:35 PM

I really like this piece! :)

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