French Movies Are 'Slow as Thick Snot in January'

| 12/19/2008 1:50:15 PM

coffee and cigarettesAmericans delight in bashing French movie clichés—the cigarettes! the adultery! the self-conscious seriousness! French films are perhaps an easy target for mockery. Still, I can’t help but laugh at this particularly creative send-up, a bit of one Netflix user’s review of François Ozon’s See the Sea, singled out by the blog A Whine Colored Sea:

Key elements to a french movie - slow as thick snot in January - moral depravity - infidelity - boobs are shown, sometimes crotch - people smoking…

These do not make for essential viewing:

Only recommended if you enjoy activities like sewing your head to the carpet…

Image by Nils Alsleben, licensed under Creative Commons.

12/28/2008 9:16:35 AM

I know nothing about Sea the See but I do know a great deal about the history of French Cinema and our own history of ignorant bully-giggles and cliche driven prejudices. What kind of editor would consider the propagation of today's surfeit of snide and snicker culture "Good Writing"? Or have you guys not noticed how this juvenile surge has become pathological? Come on, even Mike Judge is showing signs of remorse. For that matter, George Bush. I did not sign up to Utne Rss feed to re-enforce my pop predilection for the quick and easily digestible. I joined it out of desperation for an -ahem- alternative.

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