From the Stacks: Miranda

By Staff

Hip parenting is all the rage these days. Books, magazines, and zines on being a cool mom or dad and raising great kids flood bookstores and libraries. Sometimes, though, they seem to mask what’s at the heart of parenthood–which is why picking up Miranda: Motherhood and Other Adventures is such a joy. Yep, Kate Haas is a hip mom, but she doesn’t bask in the glory of feeding her kids homemade baby food and using organic cotton diapers. She simply raises her children naturally in a warm home and updates her readers about twice a year in her delightful zine.

The newest issue, #17, is full of quick stories highlighting her own childhood as a Waldorf kid, her love of freezing berries in the wintertime, and the ethics of using her young son’s library card to reserve Edith Wharton’s biography.

My favorite piece in the issue is “Love Object,” where Haas admits to having a crush on her child’s curly blond locks. She writes, “I should be modest, downplay compliments to the object of my affection. But I can’t drag my eyes away. The fact is, I’m crazy about my four-year-old’s hair.”

Cara Binder

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