Giant Eyeball Keeps a Silent Vigil Over Chicago

| 7/7/2010 12:37:34 PM

Take a peek at downtown Chicago’s newest street sculpture nestled in the socket of State and Van Buren streets. "Eye" is a 30-foot-tall fiberglass eyeball on display through the end of October. Sculptor Tony Tasset modeled the piece after his own eye—only it's 1,000 times bigger and infinitely creepier. He spent six months constructing its various parts in Sparta, Wisconsin. Of the building process, Tasset told the Chicago Tribune that “the final step [was] the glossy coat, which makes it really wet and gross and nasty.”


(Thanks, Good.)

Source: Chicago Tribune

7/9/2010 2:50:39 AM

Great piece of art - but why take it down? A watchful eye is in keeping with the back of our Dollar bill and many cultures believe in it as a protective symbol. The thing I wonder, though is why not make it double it's purpose. Wouldn't it be neat if they made it permanent and also put a slot in it (and a small door) so it could be used as a giant piggy bank to collect money for a specific not-for-profit cause? Just makes sense to me - or is that cents?

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