Good Karma in Stereo

At the Anti- label, it’s all about the music

| Mar.-Apr. 2008

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    Tom Waits
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    Neko Case

  • Anti Tom Waits
  • Anti1
  • Anti-Neko

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I’ve been assigned to track down Andy Kaulkin, the man who runs Anti-, the most adventuresome indie record label in America. But there’s a problem. It seems that Kaulkin—the man who resuscitated the careers of Solomon Burke and Bettye LaVette, who signed Neko Case and released her finest album—doesn’t like to talk about himself.

What’s up with that? Doesn’t Kaulkin live in Los Angeles, the world capital of brutal self-aggrandizement? Yes, but it seems that he is more interested in making great records than in grabbing all of the credit for them. In the music business, this is a case without precedent.

After much wheedling and pleading, Kaulkin agrees to talk to me on the phone late one night, but only to explain his position. “It’s just bad karma,” he says. “If I start talking about myself, I’m afraid that the label will suffer somehow.”

I’m irritated, but it’s hard to argue with Kaulkin’s accomplishments at Anti-, a label with an organizing principle that runs counter to just about every indie imprint in America. Anti-, which is basically a one-man show bankrolled by the punk label Epitaph, doesn’t discriminate against age, attitude, or genre. It’s a small label with a big-tent philosophy. Kaulkin will sign anything if it’s good.

Anti-’s high-profile acts Neko Case and Tom Waits are two of the most respected singer-songwriters on the planet, but they plow different furrows. Case’s most recent album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, is a gorgeous, mostly acoustic rumination on doomed love and backwoods mythology, while Waits’ three-CD epic Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards is murky, art-damaged rock, a creepy trawl through Waits’ netherworld of reprobates and soused romantics. Both records appeared on numerous critics’ top 10 lists for 2007 and sold vigorously: 200,000 for Case and 146,000 for Waits, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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