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Dayton Literary Peace Prize Winners Announced

by David Doody

Tags: Marlon James, Dave Eggers, Dayton Literary Peace Prize, The Book of Night Women, Zeitoun, writing, fiction, great writing, David Doody,

Book of Night Women CoverTo follow up on an earlier post about the finalists for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize: Marlon James has won the fiction category for his book The Book of Night Women, which is a story about slavery in Jamaica in the eighteenth century. But, as Katherine Vaz, a finalist judge for the prize, points out, the book does more than just tell us the story; it makes the reader feel the story:

In the nonfiction category, Dave Eggers took the top prize for his book Zeitoun, the story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a Syrian-American living in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, who chooses to stay and help those in need. Eggers’ statement is an interesting one, given our current national debates about Islamic cultural centers and Koran burnings:

Check out the Dayton Literary Peace Prize website for runners up and more about these great books. And, congrats to Mr. James and Mr. Eggers for these well-deserved prizes.