Mean People Suck

If you can read this, you're too close

| January-February 1999

It's fine to love your enemies, but getting behind the wheel changes that. Kill, kill, kill! becomes the order of the day.

Crush the Suburbans, smash the vans, wreck the minivans, pulverize the pickups, bomb the four-wheel drives, squash the sport utility vehicles. Vaporize the 18-wheelers, atomize all trucks. Grenade mobile homes and trailers.

Take no prisoners.

Don't let them merge, speed up, close the gap. Cut them off at the pass. If not there, at the intersection.

Run the red light like the speed of light.

Cut, dodge, swerve. Weave in and out like a mad god. The road is yours. Your car is blessed. Inside, you are safe and sound, supreme. Let the bastards eat cake.