More Amazing Music Websites for Hungry Ears

| 7/7/2009 5:35:44 PM

Record truckIn a recent Utne Reader article, I wrote about crate-digging bloggers who are posting all kinds of obscure and fascinating world music on the web. But I only scratched the surface of the websites doing this kind of excavating. Nathan Salsburg at the self-described music “blob” Root Hog or Die has gone deeper and come up with an amazing list of websites and blogs that run a huge gamut of sounds. Visit the site to check out the whole smorgasbord, but here are a few of my favorite nutshell descriptions:

FarsiTube: Outfitted like that one site with all the videos, Farsitube also has a prodigious music section, with tunes running the gamut from classical, folk, rock (from killer psych to the chintziest and most vapid of ’80s material), to contemporary pop. You kinda just have to jump in and start clicking …

Honking Duck: A digital hillbilly goldmine of banjo-hyper-collector Jim Bollman’s stacks of 78s. America might be Ahmedinejad’s “Great Satan,” but he should keep an eye on the electric guitar riffs gracing some of the unbelievably guiltily-pleasurable pop tunes available here.

Juneberry: The Roots Music Listening Room: Lock yourself in your room with a Coleman camper stove and some cans of soup and an internet connection and this website and maybe we’ll see you later.

Public Domain 4 U: The title’s an anticipation of how Prince’s catalog will be described in 50 or so years, but this totally sketchy looking site is actually a nice little stop for some wonderful old-time and blues tunes.

1/17/2010 12:49:46 AM

The Midwest Movement isn't as flourishing as it once was however that goes for the music industry period. St.Louis based indie label BPENT is trying to beat the odds. Under the guidance of YUNG RO, a 18yr old CEO, the company boast of Black Pearl Tattoo Studio, Runway2Empowerment youth program,and a recording studio. This company has been established for over 15 years and YUNG RO is the GEN-X of the company. He declares this movement Fresha Den A Mall. He is opening another tattoo studio named SKIN DEEP which will be accompanied by a cross promotion of music and body art. Mixed by the amazing DJ KRISSTYLE. links

Tom Hendricks
7/9/2009 1:06:40 PM

Perhaps the most important site for music is the one that contains the first list of best new music from the world. Youtube and Myspace have become the world's record companies, and they are open to every country. This list celebrates the first world best from those two. It's the kind of historical new innovation in music that is worth looking into Utne and readers. It's not your father's century anymore. FIRST WORLD TOP 40 LIST! BEST MUSIC LIST in the WORLD!!! (And hardest to get on!) Culled from thousands, here are the world's best. "100 Plus Favorite Music from Youtube and Myspace" In a world of misses, here are 100+ hits! The internet is the world's first worldwide JUKEBOX And this is the first worldwide best music list from that jukebox. This list is NOT approved by any corporation! From Dallas home of the art and media revolution including Post-Bands music, the music so simple no one understands it, so radical no media dare talk about it, so fun everyone dances to it.

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