Music Review: Langhorne Slim and The Law - The Way We Move

| 6/14/2012 1:42:54 PM

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Langhorne Slim & The Law
The Way We Move
Available now on Ramseur Records (June 5, 2012)

Langhorne Slim sings like he’s in trouble with the law; pleading, explaining, laying everything on the line to be sure his actions are understood to be honest and intentions known to be noble.

On The Way We Move, Langhorne Slim & The Law weave their way through folk, Americana and rock, with Slim singing his heart out the entire way. His scratchy, honest, not-quite-falsetto voice may not be classically trained, but more importantly it’s emotive.

The title track opens things up with David Moore plunking out a joyous piano bounce between the chorus and verses while the Law chimes in, vocally echoing Slim’s declarations.

“I was born with a thorn in my soul/guess it could be worse. I might not’ve gotten much/but I know what it’s worth” Slim sings on “Bad Luck” over the top of a snapping one-two snare beat and banjo. He’s had his share of trouble and hard times, but even though bad luck’s rooted itself in him, Slim knows he’ll survive.

langhorne slim