Music Review: Second Wind

NEW HISTORY WARFARE VOL. 2: JUDGES by Colin Stetson (Constellation)

| May-June 2011

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  • second-wind

Happily stranded in a musical Bermuda Triangle of experimental jazz, indie rock, and drone, multi-instrumentalist Colin Stetson plays fluttering compositions for sax, French horn, and clarinet. Unconventional guest vocals—Shara Worden’s rocketing falsetto and Laurie Anderson’s spoken-word jeremiads—grace Judges’ more rousing tracks and supplement the baffling horn work, lending Stetson’s ruminations a dignified desperation. An artist who regularly plays alongside the likes of the Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, and the National, Stetson is technically adroit and aesthetically provocative.

Cover-165-thumbnailThis article first appeared in the May-June 2011 issue of Utne Reader.

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