No End In Sight

(Magnolia Pictures; on DVD)

| November / December 2007

Sure, you’re aware that the war in Iraq has been bungled beyond comprehension. The outstanding achievement of the cool-headed documentary No End in Sight is to make this colossal failure comprehensible, delineating how the actions of key U.S. decision makers paved the road to chaos in a clear and traceable progression. Filmmaker Charles Ferguson, a former senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, leveraged his D.C. connections to score interviews with high-level players, and their reflections—which are sometimes sheepish, sometimes accusatory—deliver one bunker-buster after another, disposing of any remaining illusions of White House competence. President Bush’s innermost circle is notably absent—Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Wolfowitz all declined to be interviewed—but the mess they’ve left is on full display in all its shredded glory.