Portraits Underground

: A conversation between Utne Reader Art Director Stephanie Glaros and Jason Rothe, photographer for “The Mountain that Eats Men”

| May/June 2009

Steph Glaros: I’m speaking with Jason Roth, who is a multimedia journalist and photographer for Utne Reader’s May/June cover story, “The Mountain That Eats Men,” which chronicles a reporter’s journey into La Negra mine in Potosí, Bolivia.

First, I just want to say that everyone was just adamant about finding a place for this story—in no small part because of the images that went with Andrew Westoll’s wonderful writing.

Jason Rothe: That’s great.

Steph: How did you become involved in the project in the first place?

Jason: I became involved in it through Andrew who I worked with on a number of projects. Both of us had found out about Potosí by reading Eduardo Galeano’s book, Open Veins of Latin America. I did some research and we concluded this was an incredible place that we had to visit and do a story on.

Steph: The piece was originally published in the Walrus. Did you approach them first or pitch the story when it was done?

6/26/2009 11:35:43 AM

Speaks to the lengths journalists go through today to pursue a story: with little backing, a lot of hard work and a desire to be a participant-observer in the best way. The best journalists tell a story from the inside-out as much as possible; looks like these guys did that, and the result speaks for itself.