Pinball Pinheads

| 12/27/2007 1:58:28 PM

Pinball imageSince trends in popular culture are often cyclical, it’s high-time people brought back jelly shoes, Madonna, and pinball. In an article for the Riverfront Times, Kathleen McLaughlin tells of a pinball resurgence taking place in the small, riverside community of South Roxana, Illinois. McLaughlin’s nostalgic reportage evokes Depression-era speakeasies and 1980s pool halls, filled with flashing machines spitting shiny silver balls. The story features a colorful cast of pinball enthusiasts, or “pinheads” who espouse their matter-of-fact wisdom. "Once you understand how it works,” says pinhead Mike Kassak, “then you have to make the shots."

 Morgan Winters  

Image by Ben Tesch, licensed under Creative Commons.

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