Potter Power

| 11/16/2007 4:48:15 PM

One of the worst schools in Great Britain has transformed itself into one of the best using a Harry Potter-based curriculum. Robert Mellors Primary and Nursery began using “theme” classes, including Harry Potter, Princes and Princesses, and Titanic, and has “jumped from the bottom 25 per cent of schools nationally to just outside the top 5 per cent over the last three years,” the British newspaper Daily Mail reports.

The children wave wands while doing subtraction problems, repeating the phrase “numerus subtracticus” before answering. Some of the school’s staff have even begun wearing costumes. “Historically the school had a really bad reputation, which is why I applied for the job here," said headteacher Donna Chambers. “But that has now all changed.”

No word yet on whether American Gangster-themed classes are under consideration.


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