Public Installation, Film Tackle Race in South Africa

| 2/24/2009 1:08:06 PM

Tags: Arts, visual art, public installation, film, Bryan Little, Kees Jan Husselman, South Africa, apartheid, race, class, Cape Town, Wooster Collective,

How do people relate across racial and economic boundaries in post-apartheid South Africa? Cape Town artist Bryan Little designed a temporary public installation that broaches the question, based, he says, on “the names we call each other in the new South Africa.” Culled from the country’s 11 official languages, the names are both epithets and endearments, reflecting the divisions that persist as well as the connections being forged. Kees Jan Husselman used the installation as a backdrop for a poignant short film that gathers South Africans’ views on race, class, and the future of their country:

(Thanks, Wooster Collective.)