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Essayist William Bradley shares his list of favorite resources for people interested in creative nonfiction.

Many of us are aware of the fantastic essays published in respected, high-profile magazines like The New Yorker and Harper’s. But for those of you looking for less well-known sources for compelling, thought-provoking essays, I offer the following list of magazines and other resources:

Print magazines:


- Creative NonfictionThere’s a temptation to call Creative Nonfiction “the magazine that started it all.”  That’s not entirely accurate—Montaigne gave us the essay form in the 16th century, after all. Still, it’s impossible to understate the impact this magazine—the first that I know of devoted exclusively to nonfiction forms of literary expression—has had on this genre. Their website has a pretty generous selection of online reprints of pieces that originally appeared in the print magazine.

12/30/2014 3:45:12 AM

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12/1/2013 7:21:49 PM

LOVE Full Grown People! To that, and to this great list, I'd add The Rumpus, The Millions, The Sun and, for the parents among us, Brain,Child Magazine. Thanks for pulling this list together, William.

11/27/2013 12:38:47 PM

Hi Anabell. I've only recently discovered Full Grown People myself, but I like it very much. And I'd encourage everyone reading this to check it out too. Good, thought-provoking stuff.

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