Some Writing Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

| 3/3/2009 11:54:47 AM

For years, studies have shown that people can derive significant health benefits from writing about their thoughts and feelings for 15 minutes each day. In today’s overly scheduled world, researchers from the University of Missouri tried to figure out what’s the minimum time commitment that people need to benefit from writing (pdf). They found that people were healthier after just two minutes of writing for two days, a total of just four minutes.

(Thanks, Very Short List.)

Alan John Gerstle_2
3/5/2009 11:37:18 AM

I am glad to be able to read an editorial essay regarding the art, craft, and purpose of writing. It seems that nearly all aspects of writing are ignored on the internet, having been crowded out by attention to visual media and the use of the internet as a sales medium. Writing seems to be the most "invisible" component of communication in the new millenium, which is a bit of an irony when one considers writing is probably more pervasive as a tool to communicate via the world wide web than any other.