Song Premiere: Timbre – “Song of the Sun”

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Utne Reader is pleased to premiere “Song of the Sun” by songwriter and composer Timbre from her new album, Sun & Moon.

Steeped in music from the moment she was born, Nashville-based harpist, songwriter, and composer Timbre Cierpke is pulling together everything she’s learned on her ambitious new double-album, Sun & Moon, which is out April 7 on Aurora Music. With the Sun portion of the record featuring her chamber folk pieces and the Moon portion featuring her classical compositions, the new release is a beautiful demonstration of Timbre’s versatility as a musician; a skill set she’s honed collaborating with a diverse group of musicians from Jack White to Ricky Skaggs to mewithoutYou.

All of Timbre’s musical gifts are on display in “Song of the Sun,” which is one of the record’s most vibrant songs. Featuring lovely vocals and harp playing by Timbre, the song is also a great blend of contemporary instrumentation and classical composition. Here’s what Timbre has to say about the song:

“Song of the Sun” is one of my favorite songs to perform, and one of the most energetic songs I’ve ever created. It is written from the perspective of the sun, singing over sleeping nature as winter finally comes to an end. There is an affection to it, a tenderness towards the ones that barely made it through, the ones that thought winter would never end, gently warming them to life. It starts out with a single voice, the song of the sun, and then one by one, different kinds of voices begin to join, like they are singing it over themselves, trying to understand that its true for them too, tasting its joy. Drums, harp, strings, brass, and even a huge choir all begin to respond to the sun’s song, stacking theme upon theme until they all respond in one voice, ‘We are standing in the sun, and there is nothing light can’t touch! I am alive!'”

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