Street Art Shamans

| 3/29/2012 8:35:30 AM

 Image courtesy of Bruno Dias 

 In Arizona, an African American doctor creates street art to heal the Navajo Nation. In São Paulo, a graffiti artist documents the lives of the homeless and working-class. In New Orleans and Chicago, an artist creates a space for people to share dreams. There’s plenty of cool street art out there, but these three artists use walls, thought, and skill to change lives.

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Jetsonorama began wheatpasting large-scale photo-collages  in 2009, reports Sarah Gilman for High Country News, after experimenting with photography and small-scale wheatpasting for the two-plus decades he’d served as a physician on a Navajo reservation. His work evolved and last September, as part of’s EARTH initiative to bring awareness to climate change, the artist wheatpasted giant images of a baby’s face looking up at a cloud-like lump of coal. Writes the artist on his blog:

“everyone i talked with was raised on the reservation. they all identified coal as a cheap source of fuel, especially for the elders. [...] everyone in my small sample identified respiratory problems associated with burning coal in the home. everyone acknowledged that the coal mined on the reservation is used to generate energy off the reservation for surrounding megalopolises such as denver, phoenix, albuquerque, las vegas and l.a. they found this arrangement to be problematic.”

Jetsonorama’s work seeks to heal beyond coal and its effects on individual bodies. Each of his pieces functions as a conversation-starter, creating both dialogue and a source of local pride.

Ginny Campbell
4/25/2012 2:56:30 PM

I LOVE when someone exposes you to something you had no idea was so impactful, or even existed. Thank you!!

Julia Jones
4/6/2012 12:56:16 PM

Just changes in what we focus our attention on can work wonders for attitudes...and street art with a healing undertone can work miracles!

Krista Schwartz
3/31/2012 4:36:43 PM

These artists have transformed walls into passage ways....... channels into the minds and hearts of all who see. I've been feeling "walled in" myself and helpless in matters of my community. I now feel deeply inspired. Thank you for this very well written article.

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