Street Artist Invader Invades New York Gallery

| 6/17/2009 2:36:29 PM


Fans of street art may be familiar with French artist Invader , who creates 8-bit-inspired mosaic tile art that can be found on city streets and in galleries around the world. He is also credited with originating a style of art called “Rubickubism,” which, as he demonstrates in the video below, uses Rubik’s Cube squares as the medium for a sort of digital pointillism. He has an upcoming solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery , one of my favorite galleries in New York, starting June 27th.

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(Thanks, Wooster Collective .)

Image courtesy of Invader

Tom Hendricks
6/22/2009 11:22:43 PM

I think the real street artist is one who opposes the gallery system, the abuses of conceptual art (see the groundbreaking Snake Oil video) and the end of modern art; and a back-to-basics art movement that brings art out of its ivory tower and back into the world where it belongs. I encourage UTNE, as a media source, to talk about all art, even art that is controversial and not safe.

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