The Art Market, Reenergized

| 4/9/2009 1:46:01 PM

EaselProviding welcome relief from a parade of bleak economic tales, a recent piece in The Dubliner entitled “Will Art Outlast the Recession?” (article not available online) asserts that the recent downturn may actually be a boon for the art world.

Art market sales are returning to “normality,” according to one auctioneer cited (normality equates to the 50 to 60% sales made by auctioneers in 2000, before the market was “driven by greed and speculation”). Financial troubles, it seems, are less of a detriment to business than simply finding enough quality work to sell.

The piece cites art critic Waldemar Janusczak, who says the recession hitting the art world is akin to the occasional fires that help forests strengthen, regenerate and return to their essence. They also put it in slightly more straightforward terms: “People will no longer pay silly sums for second-rate or gimmicky pictures…They will evaluate the work for itself, and that is a good thing.”

Image by Richard Cornish, licensed under Creative Commons.

Tom Hendricks
4/10/2009 10:08:15 PM

The art world is on the brink of a revolution that will move it away from the ivory towers of galleries and museums, and integrate it back into our lives. We are due for a renaissance in the visual arts. Modern art hasn't been modern since mid century of last century. What's left is bland cold disjoined pompous trendy junk. What will alter it is 1. mass marketing of art (to join music/records, lit/ books, film/DVD's etc. It is one of the last forms of art to be mass marketed). Exact copies on canvas will go on tour, and instead of seeing a single Van Gogh at some isolated museum, 600 or so exact copies of most all of his works, will come to your school auditorium in small town USA. Also artists will not sell the original, but sell copies. Musicians keep the masters and sell records now. Soon artists will keep the original and sell copies too and make a percentage on sales. 2. The revolution in arts against modern art. Note the conceptual art events in Dallas that use conceptual art to attack conceptual art abuses! 3. Visual arts will become an integrated part of all the arts and instead of separate isolated buildings - a museum here, a library there, a concert hall uptown, we will have art centers that have all the arts in one place. 4. etc. etc.

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