The Economics of Happiness

In this how-to on building genuine wealth, economist Mark Anielski examines our current measures of wealth and develops a more practical model encompassing health, relationships, and meaningful work.

| March 2013

  • The Economics of Happiness book cover
    Building Genuine Wealth
    Cover Courtesy New Society Publishers

  • The Economics of Happiness book cover

We all know that money can't buy you love...or happiness, but we have been living our lives as though the accumulation of wealth is the key to our dreams... Why do our measures of economic progress not reflect the values that make us happy: supportive relationships, meaningful work, a healthy environment, and our spiritual well-being? In The Economics of Happiness (New Society Publishers, 2007), economist Mark Anielski develops a new and practical economic model called Genuine Wealth, to measure the real determinants of well-being and help redefine progress. 

Personal Genuine Wealth   

Genuine wealth lies within you. Each of us is unique in our skills, capacities, aspirations and dreams. Each one of us has a unique life’s journey towards our own inner genuine wealth. Your own story could fill this chapter if not an entire book. 

Too often we look for meaning and fulfillment outside of ourselves. We may hope to find happiness in money, material possessions or expectations that other people will bring us genuine happiness or an authentic life. I have learned that true peace, joy and love come from my inner teacher, my soul and spirit. Doing a Genuine Wealth Assessment means looking deep within your heart for the real you. 

A personal Genuine Wealth Assessment means looking in the mirrors of light and dark. In the light mirror we examine what we love about ourselves and what others love about us. In the dark mirror, we look at the things we don’t like about ourselves or what others dislike about us. We may agree or disagree with what we see, but these mirror images help to create a complete and honest profile of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Conducting a Personal Genuine Wealth Assessment