Music Review: Pushing Pop’s Boundaries

THE WAY OUT by the Books (Temporary Residence)

| September-October 2010

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  • The Way Out Music Review Web

The Books build 21st-century schizoid chamber pop from found audio, electronic loops, and carefully manipulated string parts. On The Way Out, self-help coaches and charismatic preachers hold forth, kids lob colorful taunts, and everyone blurts non sequiturs that interact with chiming guitars, ambient chords, and bouncy dance grooves. The rich vocal and string textures develop the music beyond mere outré experimentation, pushing these surprisingly melodic, constantly kinetic pieces past incidental background music and into an engaging pop foreground.
Jeff Engel
9/27/2010 8:57:54 PM Jason's comment was right on target!

Jason Burnett
9/27/2010 5:02:44 PM

"There's a new band in town/But you can't get the sound from a story in a magazine..." Billy Joel, "Its Still Rock and Roll to Me (1980). It's not 30 years later, we have the technology, and you're publishing a music review without so much as a link to the band's MySpace? Uncool.