Tipping The Sacred Cow: The Best of LiP: Informed Revolt, 1996–2007

edited by Brian Awehali (AK Press)

| November / December 2007

The spunky indie rag LiP was never afraid to dissent from lefty rallying cries, always challenging its readers to scrutinize the structures and institutions underlying their pet causes. Tipping the Sacred Cow captures a cross section of the now-defunct magazine’s wares, with essays and interviews challenging so-called radical perceptions of feminism, gay rights, and political correctness. Despite these lofty notions, the overall tone of the anthology is livelier and motlier than might be expected, from Kari Lydersen’s treatise on cockroaches in nature and society to a 1998 interview with Christopher Hitchens in which he enthusiastically reveals the dark side of Mother Teresa. And, in keeping with the magazine’s eclectic nature, there are oddball elements as well: the “LiP Theft Ethics Quiz,” a short rant against the modern sewage system, and a few pieces of creative writing.