A Guided Tour of David Byrne's Insane Office

| 6/2/2009 12:25:22 PM

The Fader has posted a three part audio and photo tour of Talking Heads frontman David Byrne’s enormous workspace. Byrne’s commentary is fabulous. Enjoy.

Part 1: Peculiar Objects and Ephemera

Part 2:  More Peculiar Objects and Ephemera

Part 3: Personal Works of Art

The Fader won an Utne Independent Press Award this year for arts coverage.

Source: The Fader

7/8/2009 6:27:53 PM

It sure beats IKEA, doesn't it? That's a heck of an office - plenty of interesting stuff in there. Some people may find themselves asking where he found all that stuff. I really dig the photos that he has displayed in the bottom video, some of those are really cool. The chemistry model - the one that appears it's the size of a large chair, which it actually might be a chair and I just don't see it, is really cool, I wonder if that's an actual molecule of something. Oh nevermind, it's a keyboard stand. And I would kill for the pedal setup! Oh my gosh...I'm actually starting to drool, and it looks like most of them are Boss pedals - I have been lusting after a Boss DD-6, the digital delay pedal that has the backwards echo effect on it for the longest time, and a Binson Echorec 2, but in order to afford one of those you basically have to take a second mortgage out on your house. (And an original Digitech Whammy pedal, and a Mesa Boogie Triple Rec, and a Gibson Explorer with an EMG 81/60 setup...I had better stop talking about all the guitar toys I want before I get on a huge tangent about it)They ARE all Boss pedals! That lucky dog. What an office. http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2009/01/15/payday-loans-for-furniture-causing-an-online-wisteria/

6/4/2009 1:44:17 AM

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