Utne Reader Illustrated: William Brown

| 6/22/2011 11:28:51 AM

Brown final

In this continuing series, Utne Reader Art Director Stephanie Glaros explains the process behind an Utne Reader illustration. 

For the article “If You Make It Mandatory, They Will Have to Come,” I thought we could have a bit of fun while highlighting the idea of making voting mandatory to combat low voter turnout. “Fun” and “politics” are two things that William Brown excels at with his illustrations. His modern digital-scratchboard style lends itself to a huge variety of topics, which is why I’ve chosen to work with him many times over the past five years. Another great thing about Bill is the number of sketches he provides me. Most artists give me two or three, but with Bill I’ve come to expect a half dozen or more different options. And I LOVE options! Below are a few of my favorites for this assignment.

 Brown sketches 

Since its inception in 1984, Utne Reader has relied on talented artists to create original images for stories that express powerful emotions, brilliant new ideas, and humorous storytelling. Browsing through back issues of Utne Reader is like a tour of “Who’s Who” in the illustration world. Artists like Gary Baseman, Brad Holland, Anita Kunz, Bill Plympton, and Seymour Chwast have graced our pages over the years, to name just a few. 

7/6/2011 3:13:58 PM

These sketches made me laugh, especially the one dragging the guy in his polka-dot underwear away from his video games--that's all I can ask.

JWT Meakin
6/29/2011 9:14:54 PM

Fascinating that all the sketches show MEN only being forced to vote. Aren't turnout rates about the same for both sexes?

Michelle Kondrich
6/23/2011 6:32:12 PM

This illustration is great and it's nice to see a glimpse of your process (and the illustrator's). I've never seen this style of work and it is really provocative. Thanks!

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