Video Premiere: Auditorium – “Fire Fire Ocean Liner”



Utne Reader is proud to premiere the music video for “Fire Fire Ocean Liner” from Auditorium.

Panicked parents drive their injured daughter to the hospital. Her leg is wounded and when the bandage is removed by the doctor a cluster of moths appear and flutter there. The woman then drifts into a snow-covered woodland dream. The special effects are astonishing.

The song, “Fire Fire Ocean Liner” by Auditorium, is equally impressive as the visual effects. Spencer Berger, songwriter, instrumentalist, and singer, displays his penchant for powerful vocals as he sings, “Feel no pain now, feel no fear.” With his album The First Music (out January 27), Berger confronts a deeply personal tragedy, dark aspects of his family history, and current world events. Despite the intensity of these themes, the 15-song album provides a sense of hope in the end.

Speaking of the music video for ‘Fire Fire Ocean Liner,’ Berger says, “While Ben Barnes was preparing to direct the video, we met up multiple times and would always wind up chatting for hours — but I never once told him what inspired the song’s lyrics, because I didn’t want to limit his interpretation. I remember sitting in a bar in Los Angeles, listening to him describe how he wanted to tell this unbelievable story about a young woman with moths growing inside of her leg. It sounded almost impossible to pull off — but I’d been a fan of Ben’s work for years, and knew if anyone could do it, it was him.”

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