How to Tell Art from Trash: Label It

| 1/14/2010 11:53:33 AM

If you’re seeking fodder for the indefatigable and dreadful “what is art” conversation, I’ve got it for you. But I’d rather you watch this video simply because it’s delightful.

David Bartley is responsible for overseeing the art in storage at the Walker Art Center. In this video he displays five works from the Walker’s collection that must be explicitly labeled as art to save them from being mistaken for trash.  

(Thanks, Modern Art Notes.)

Source: Walker Art Center 

Tom Hendricks
1/18/2010 12:02:18 PM

This would be cute except there is a revolution of concerned artists against this and for better art. Why should bad art be celebrated while better more innovative art, is not. Modern art has become the salon art of our day, and world wide groups such as the Stuckists , and Musea are leading a revolution against it. Utne need to go beyond being cute here and discuss the art and media revolution of thousands of all kinds of artists for the best of independent art and for a major change in mainstream arts. Also I would suggest this conceptual art video that attacks conceptual art!

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