Weekend Reading from Utne Daily 6/19/09


Invader Art

Street Artist Invader Invades New York Gallery: French artist Invader is credited with originating “Rubickubism,” an art form that uses Rubik’s Cube squares as the medium for a sort of digital pointillism.

On the Cover of Time: PANIC!: The Porno Plague. The Occult Revival! The Columbine Effect! Cyberporn! Crack Kids! Step right up and see the Top 10 most Absurd Time Covers of the Past 40 years.

Plants Send Text Messages: I could use some water, IMHO.

The Organic Farm Fantasy Meets Reality: These nitty-gritty details of organic farming might temper your modern agrarian fantasies.

Composting Your Body: The Greenest Burial: Green funerals are all the rage in environmental circles, and now eco-conscious people can add one more green technique to the list: promession.

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