Where Does “Expansive Knowledge of Pornos” Go on a Resume?

| 2/25/2008 10:49:03 AM

New Pornographie Poster.Ever wonder if you’ve specialized yourself into a career corner?

You could be P. Joseph Potocki, a guy who worked his way through a human sexuality Ph.D. program as a library intern, archiving his university’s expansive collection of old stag films. As he describes in a light and amusing piece for Metroactive, he later finds himself guest lecturing to a class of blank-faced undergrads at San Francisco State about “American Cinematic Pornography,” which prompts him to muse:

“Could it be that the 21st-century student no longer finds bulbous men in leisure suits or hippie chicks sporting furry armpits and fat pimply butts sexually enticing? Odd, but demonstrably true. Following this scientific line of inquiry to its logical conclusion, I finally had to ask myself: Just where was my narrowly gauged expertise taking me in life?”

Jason Ericson

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