Writing Criminal Canada

| 6/4/2008 12:39:42 PM

Banff Canada is no bucolic backwater, writes Canadian novelist John McFetridge for Canada's book news magazine, Quill & Quire (article not available online). It's a criminal hotspot, and it's providing plentiful material for crime writers. McFetridge points out Canadian criminals like the Montreal mafia that ran the French Connection drug smuggling ring; warring biker gangs in Quebec who killed more than 200 people; and an estimated 100,000 people working in Canada's $4 billion marijuana industry. Canadian crime fiction writers Louise Penny, Giles Blunt, Sandra Ruttan, and Anne Emery are reaping the creative benefits of domestic disorder, “beginning to stay home and investigate what's going on here” with crime novels set in Canada.

Image by Simon Davison, licensed under Creative Commons.

Ken Adams
6/10/2008 9:43:31 PM

Sounds like an interesting new backdrop for crime & mystery reading. Any particular authors we should be watching for?

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