Book Review: Love, An Index

By Ashley Houk

Rebecca Lindenberg navigates love, loss and mystery with language in "Love, An Index."

Sounds Earthy

By Katie Moore

Wind and clouds inspire musical renditions.

Cultural Collateral Damage

By Katie Moore

Institutions invest in preserving Syria's artistic and cultural relics.

Book Review: War of the Whales

By Katie Moore

Joshua Horwitz's new book "War of the Whales" documents the political, historical, environmental, and legal struggles that developed as the connection between mass whale strandings and Navy sonar was uncovered.


Film Review: Anita – Speaking Truth to Power

By Katie Moore

The new doc Anita-Speaking Truth to Power is a powerful reminder of the change that can take place when one person speaks out and how far we have come from 1991 in terms of gender equality.

Music, Guns, and Peace

by Robert Neustadt, special to Utne Reader

Colombian musician/peace activist César López and his escopetarra.

Film Review: Obvious Child

By Katie Moore

New comedy Obvious Child takes on the hot-button issue of abortion with tenacity while still being accessible.

Book Review: Unspeakable Things – Sex, Lies and Revolution

By Katie  Moore

Laurie Penny's new book, Unspeakable Things, sheds light on some perceptive ideas about how pervasive gender is and how destructive it has become.