Book Review: The Natural Order of Things

By Ashley Houk

"The Natural Order of Things," the debut novel by Kevin P. Keating, wanders into dark, decaying suburbia.

Bert Berns: Original Rhythm and Blues

By Joel Selvin

Bert Berns was a pioneer of a new style of rhythm and blues, one that pulsated with Afro-Cuban notes.

Writer’s Block and the Thirst for Inspiration

By Hilma Wolitzer

Writer's block can be an obstacle for writers as they age, and a lack of inspiration may not be an obvious cause.

Women Writers and the Creative Drive

By Rosellen Brown

Women writers explore different facets of their creative drive and the writing process.


Kurt Vonnegut Teaches Grads What Artists Do

By Kurt Vonnegut

Syracuse University students get a lesson in what artists do from Kurt Vonnegut’s 1994 graduation speech.

The Art of Perception

by Alexa Buffington

“The Art of Perception” is a groundbreaking, museum-based seminar developed by Amy Herman that uses fine art analytical methods to strengthen general observation skills.

Celebrating the End of Time

by Christian Williams

Fascinating associations abound in Peter Mettler’s documentary about how we perceive time.

The Art of the Bowerbird

By David Rothenberg, from Resurgence & Ecologist

The peculiar and artistic structures of the male bowerbird suggest a link between beauty and biology.