Celebrating the End of Time

by Christian Williams

Fascinating associations abound in Peter Mettler’s documentary about how we perceive time.

The Art of the Bowerbird

By David Rothenberg, from Resurgence & Ecologist

The peculiar and artistic structures of the male bowerbird suggest a link between beauty and biology.

She: The Raunchiest of 60's Girl Groups

By Lindsay Zoladz, from Bitch

Before Janis, before punk, She, the raunchiest of 60's girl groups, were ready to scandalize the nation.

Book Review: Slip of the Tongue

By Ashley Houk

Katie Haegele makes linguistics fun and personable in "Slip of the Tongue."


Pizzazz: The Language of Memory

By Katie Haegele

Something as simple as morning coffee, and the word “pizzazz,” can stir up memories of childhood.

See It Soon: A Brief History of Time - Criterion Collection

by Christian Williams

Errol Morris allows us to travel to the stars and beyond through the mind of Stephen Hawking.

Feeling the Power of Art

by Christian Williams

Celebrating the art that pulls us in and doesn't let go.

Song Premiere: John Nemeth - Her Good Lovin

by Utne Reader staff

Utne Reader is proud to premiere the song "Her Good Lovin’" by John Nemeth off his new album, Memphis Grease, out March 25 on Blue Corn Music.