Music, the Unspoken Language

by Trinica Sampson

A new study suggests the brain really does see music as "the universal language of mankind."

Preserving Our Art Spaces

by Christian Williams

Some of America's most interesting art isn't hanging in a museum.

Song Premiere: Judith Owen - One In A Million

Special to Utne Reader

Utne Reader is proud to premiere the song "One In A Million" by Welsh singer-songwriter Judith Owen.

William S. Burroughs: His Final Years and Lasting Legacy

by Christian Williams

Lawrence, Kansas commemorates the 100th birthday of a counterculture icon.


Song Premiere: D. Charles Speer and the Helix - Wallwalker

by Utne Reader staff

Utne Reader is proud to premiere the song "Wallwalker" by D. Charles Speer & the Helix off their new album "Doubled Exposure."

Listening and Seeing with James Benning

by Christian Williams

American independent filmmaker reconnects us with life in the moment.

Interviewing Susan Sontag for 'Rolling Stone'

By Jonathan Cott

Rolling Stone writer and author Jonathan Cott recounts his relationship with essayist and political activist Susan Sontag, and how their friendship lead to a memorable 1979 'Rolling Stone' interview.

See It Soon: City Lights - Criterion Collection

by Christian Williams

Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece of pantomime gets the much-deserved “Criterion treatment.”