Interviewing Susan Sontag for 'Rolling Stone'

By Jonathan Cott

Rolling Stone writer and author Jonathan Cott recounts his relationship with essayist and political activist Susan Sontag, and how their friendship lead to a memorable 1979 'Rolling Stone' interview.

See It Soon: City Lights - Criterion Collection

by Christian Williams

Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece of pantomime gets the much-deserved “Criterion treatment.”

Murder and Memoir: The Writing of Poe Ballantine

By Poe Ballantine

Author Poe Ballantine’s new offering combines heartfelt memoir and an intriguing murder mystery.

Song Premiere: Sean Sullivan - Ready

by Utne Reader staff

Jazz singer/songwriter/guitarist Sean Sullivan showcases his ability to infuse Americana, folk and blues into his signature Latin jazz sound on new song "Ready," which Utne Reader is proud to premiere.


Tune In: Dead Tenant

by Christian Williams

Andrew Amirzadeh aims to be known as the Andrés Segovia of electric guitar

Book Review: White Girls

by Katie Haegele

Hilton Als plays with identity and sets the reader’s mind on uncharted courses of thought in his new book, White Girls.

Cheryl Pagurek: Capturing the State of Flux

by Christian Williams

Canadian photographer illustrates the impacts of urbanization through her hyper-real photographs.

The Sublime Light Art of James Turrell

by Christian Williams

Nearly 50 years into his career, several major museum retrospectives introduced the pioneering light and space artist to a wider audience in 2013.