Visual Thinking Strategies: Learning How to Teach With Art

By Philip Yenawine

By learning how to teach with art, the Visual Thinking Strategies curriculum, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, began.

The Diary of Edward the Hamster: 1990 - 1990

Edward the Hamster ponders the ethics of the maze, the purpose of the wheel, and the psychology of his brutal overlords in this chilling account from inside the cage.

Read It: Art That Changed the World

by Christian Williams

Informative new book on history of art movements makes a loaded subject an easy and enjoyable read.

See It Soon: American Experience - War of the Worlds

by Christian Williams

The latest from PBS documentary series American Experience explores the genius of Orson Welles, and the visceral public reaction to his radio production of War of the Worlds on the 75th anniversary of its broadcast.


Acquiring Empathy through Essays

by William Bradley

Essays give us a record of someone else’s consciousness, and successful essayists inspire a sense of empathy in their readers.

Tune In: The Handsome Family

by Christian Williams

The strange and beautiful music of The Handsome Family provides the perfect soundtrack for fall.

See It Soon: Wagner and Me

by Christian Williams

British actor and writer Stephen Fry tries to reconcile his adoration for Richard Wagner’s music with the revolting worldview of the man himself in the 2010 documentary Wagner & Me.

Video Games as Modern Art and Poetry

by Christian Williams

Poet B.J. Best beautifully captures the shared experience of childhood with prose poetry based on classic video games in his new book But Our Princess Is In Another Castle.