Native American Influence in the History of the Blues

By Joe Gioia

Raising the idea of a Native American influence on the history of the blues.

Have You Given Up?

by Eric Utne

Twenty-seven years ago, in the October/November 1986 issue of Utne Reader, the editors published a survey titled, “Have You Given Up?” Three decades later, that survey is being offered again to Utne readers young and old.

Professional Acrobatics Helps Inner-City Kids

By Staff, Utne Reader

Training young men in professional acrobatics is not just about joining the circus. It’s also about providing positive male role models to inner city kids.

Favianna Rodriguez Isn’t Afraid to Challenge Convention

By Tina Vasquez, from Bitch

From her “Slut Power” poster series to artwork likening immigrants to monarch butterflies, artist Favianna Rodriguez isn’t afraid to challenge convention.


A Green America?

By Murray Bookchin

Can we transition to a green America with a structure influenced by libertarian populism?

A Healthy Mania for the Macabre: Our Morbid Curiosity

By Stephen T. Asma, from The Chronicle of Higher Education

From Richard Harris’ “Morbid Curiosity” to the traveling “Body Worlds” exhibit, artists and scholars challenge our secular culture to confront the awe and wonder of death.

Life Riding the Freight Trains

By Sascha Altman DuBrul

Learn an untold history about traveling the freight trains through the eyes of those trying to find a better life across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Amish Tradition of Baseball

By Kent Russell, from The New Republic

Old-fashioned, led by communal spirit, and undaunted by anxiety and doubt, Amish tradition is ideal for the “mental game of baseball.”