Song Premiere: Peter Buffett - Already Flown

by Peter Buffett

Peter Buffett, son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, is an Emmy Award-winning composer, NY Times best-selling author and noted philanthropist. In his latest song, "Already Flown," Peter addresses the issues behind charity and philanthropy.

A New Spin on Sharing Music

by Cat Johnson

North London's Vinyl Lending Library brings record collections out of the closet.

The History of Cider Making

By Amy Stewart

See how our ancestors figured out how to use apples in cider making.

Quit Your Job: Earn a Living Off of Your DIY Projects

By Eleanor Whitney

With this guide, learn how to calculate a price that would allow you to earn a living off of your DIY projects and quit your job.


Street Art Illuminates City's Broken Promise

By Suzanne Lindgren

Spanish guerrilla art collective Luzinterruptus builds a temporary memorial to a their beloved public pool.

Native American Influence in the History of the Blues

By Joe Gioia

Raising the idea of a Native American influence on the history of the blues.

Have You Given Up?

by Eric Utne

Twenty-seven years ago, in the October/November 1986 issue of Utne Reader, the editors published a survey titled, “Have You Given Up?” Three decades later, that survey is being offered again to Utne readers young and old.

Professional Acrobatics Helps Inner-City Kids

By Staff, Utne Reader

Training young men in professional acrobatics is not just about joining the circus. It’s also about providing positive male role models to inner city kids.