Art Evolution: Saudi Arabia

By Loring M. Danforth

Find out how the art world in Saudi Arabia is different than the western world.

An Interview with Nathan Rabin

By Abby Olcese

Rabin spoke with Utne Reader about his experiences, the connections he discovered between these two seemingly disparate groups, and the importance of empathy in writing about pop culture.

Book Review: 7 Days in Ohio — Trump, The Gathering of the Juggalos and the Summer Everything Went Insane

By Abby Olcese

Author Nathan Rabin reflects on the similarities between Trump followers and Juggalos.

The Slow Death of Creativity in Sound

By Ian Brennan

Without evolving creativity and changes, new music will become a lost art.


Film Review: Klown Forever

By Abby Olcese

The comedy Klown Forever, starring Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, features the same bad judgment and appalling behavior found in the first film of the series.

An Unnatural History of Evil Clowns

By Benjamin Radford

While most clowns are generally delightful, it’s no hardship to locate a red-nosed, deviant threatening to do you harm! Join us in a look back at the unnatural history of evil clowns.

A Culture Returned

By Mark Glickman

By studying and identifying the millions of Jewish books once thought destroyed by the Nazis, one group of Jewish scholars made it their duty to return the texts to the people who had already lost so much.

Book Review: Mr. Green Jeans

By Jean Teller

Novel focuses on fight to save the Earth.