An Interview with Dubravka Ugrešić

Conducted by World Literature Today

The 2016 Neustadt International Prize for Literature winner talks about the rise of fascism, the refugee crises in Europe, and the increasing recognition given to women writers.

Video Premiere: Atoms and Void – “Waves of Blood”

Special to Utne Reader

Utne Reader is proud to premiere the music video for “Waves of Blood” from the adventure-prone Atoms and Void.

Edge Desert

By Sophie Yanow

I spent many years in relationships trying to heal and be healed.

Film Review: A Poem Is a Naked Person

By Abby Olcese

A Poem is a Naked Person is a free-flowing film that cuts between concert recordings, interviews with Leon Russell, his bandmates and friends, and slices of life from Russell’s neighbors in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.


A Gain: Lessons Learned in Language

By Charlie Greer, from The Threepenny Review

The schoolmarm gets schooled.

Why Live? A Question for 21st-Century Theater

By Jordan Tannahill, from World Literature Today

In a moment when our lives are becoming increasingly virtual, why bother telling stories the old-fashioned way, with a bunch of bodies gathered in a room?

8 Colorful Irish Slang Terms

By Louis Phillips

If you have duck's meat in your eyes, don't worry.

The Story of Sutikalh

By Gord Hill

Sutikalh is a village in the Cayoosh Mountains of southern British Columbia.

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