12 Steps to Regime Change

How to beat Bush in 2004

| September / October 2003

Each day, millions of frustrated Americans engage in discussions about how our country has gone off course and how ultraconservatives have taken over our government. As we put our hearts and souls into figuring out how to change the direction America is headed, these conversations grow in volume. Yet, because we feel so much anxiety about all that's happened to our country since 9/11, we don't yet recognize our strength.

Some of us have been discouraged by the increasingly conservative tone of the corporate media, which tries to marginalize other voices in American life. We feel alarmed at the way our government ratchets up the fear quotient across America. At these moments, we can't forget that the things we believe in -- equality, fairness, justice, dignity, and ultimately kindness and love -- inspired the greatest moral and political achievements of the 20th century: civil rights, women's equality, workers' right to organize, and the growth of the environmental movement. These are values that make our society strong and appealing to the rest of the world.