5 Signs of the Coming Revolution

No matter who's running Washington, here are five reasons to be hopeful about the future of America.

| November/December 2000

Beyond the empty campaign rhetoric that passes for public debate today lie the seeds of a dramatic cultural and political transformation. In 50 years, America will be a very different place. And surprise! It might be better than you dare imagine. Here's why.

All essays reprinted from Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century, edited by Marianne Williamson. © 2000 by the Global Renaissance Alliance, permission granted by Rodale, Emmaus, PA 18098. Available wherever books are sold or directly from the publisher by calling 800/848-4735 or visiting www.rodalestore.com.Join the revolution! Throughout November and December Cafe Utne will host discussions with several of the visionary authors who contributed essays to Imagine. For a full schedule, go to www.utne.com/salon.aspx 

Ashlee Fisher
12/9/2010 10:16:51 AM

I read IMAGINE a couple years ago, and it changed a lot of my outlook on life. I've currently been studying Aldous Huxley, and am reading/re-reading his acclaimed novel "ISLAND" for the past few weeks, and it seems I am at a loss for meaning and motivation in my life. I've always been a Philosophy Addict, and am totally engulfed with so many great minds, I'm finding it hard to live around a lot of so called "Americans" SLowly sluffing off the chains of my upbringing, Ego, and just becoming very self aware, how do I implement some of these conceptual Ideas of how things can be in a world dominated by Individuality over community. I'm a right brained, visual, now crazy;) alturist with no one to talk too? Is there a place/cause I can devote my life to, so I can have some companionship/understanding for my future 'NOWS" of existence, based on Mind-body connections, and being one with source? I want Worth.Value.Growth.Community.Teaching.Humility. An understanding of that "emptiness" I've felt so connected to my whole life, that others seem to chastize me for. Got any tools or resources? A.FisH