Adbusters Jammer's Gallery

| October 3, 2001

Adbusters Jammer's Gallery, web site review by Kate Garsombke
If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the intrusive presence of advertising, let the Adbusters Jammer's Gallery show you the battles being waged by the culture-jamming foot soldiers across the globe. The Jammer's Gallery features the creative and often guerilla endeavors of adwatchers who are resisting the hyper-saturation of ads in our lives. Little victories, like slapping 'I'm changing the climate' bumper stickers on SUVs often make it into the gallery. But so do the larger triumphs, like middle-of-the-night billboard capers that deliver the anti-corporate messages and give us a good laugh. Granted, we all may not be as balls-out in our civil disobedience as the battle-hardened culture jammers featured in this gallery, but we can at least learn more about the anti-corporate movement on this site, and perhaps pick up a few creative ideas for our own actions.
--Kate Garsombke
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