Addicted to High-Tech Speed

| September 27, 2000

Addicted to High-Tech Speed, Tamara Straus, AlterNet
AlterNet's Tamara Straus reports from the recent conference ' The Search for Meaning in the New Millennium,' which brought together psychologists, therapists, and high-tech workers to discuss the dangers--social, physical, ethical, and psychological--of our obsession with speed. 'The most frightening revelation of all concerned the emergence of several new high-tech illnesses, specifically 'hurry sickness,' the disease that befalls those who, forever armed with a Palm digital assistant and a cell phone, have lost the ability to relax, and 'speed addiction'--a condition epitomized by conference participant Fred Mouawad, who works 16 hours a day at his luxury goods dot-com and keeps an hourglass on his desk to remind himself that 'time is our scarcest resource.'' -- Leif Utne
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