Adventure Divas

| June 17, 2002

Adventure Divas, Web site review by Sara Buckwitz
Now with their own show on PBS, Adventure Divas, a group based in Seattle creates new media that aim to marry adventure and modern-day heroines. The Divas have travelled to Cuba, India, and Iran and reported on the incredible people they met and adventures they had. Their PBS series 'captures the humor, debacle, and discovery inherent in low-rent travel and explores cultures with divavision--that is, through the lens of the independent women whose vision, individualism, and actions will rule the future.' In addition, on their Web site, you'll find tools to plan your own pilgrimage. Their 'Your Pilgrimage' section offers sage packing advice and 'Globetrotting 101' by the author of Go Girl! the Black Woman's Book of Travel & Adventure.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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